Raspberry Pi Pinout

Capacitive Touch HAT

This Raspberry Pi add-on board provides 12 capacitive touch inputs and all the logic to read them over a simple I2C communication bus.

Baded on the MPR121 chip, this HAT allows you to create electronics that can react to human touch, with up to 12 individual sensors.


from Adafruit_MPR121 import MPR121
from time import sleep

cap = MPR121.MPR121()

last_touched = cap.touched()
while True:
    current_touched = cap.touched()
    for i in range(12):
        pin_bit = 1 << i
        if current_touched & pin_bit and not last_touched & pin_bit:
            print("{} touched!".format(i))
    last_touched = current_touched


Capacitive Touch HAT