Raspberry Pi Pinout

DI6acDQ6rly I2C-HAT

The DI6acDQ6rly I2C-HAT is a 6 isolated digital input channels and 6 relay output channels Raspberry Pi add-on board that uses the I2C bus for communication. The input channels can be used as edge counters, every input channel has an two 32-bit counters attached, one for counting rising edges and the other for counting falling edges. The DI6acDQ6rly also has 6 LED indicators for digital inputs status monitoring and 6 LED indicators for power relay outputs status monitoring.

Users can stack up to 16 DI6acDQ6rly I2C-HATs on one Raspberry Pi by using the on-board address jumpers to select a unique I2C bus address. I2C address range is [0x60 .. 0x6F].


  • 6 isolated digital input channels(sink/source)
  • 32-bit counters for all digital input channels
  • 6 relay output channels(5A@250VAC)
  • configurable relay PowerOnValue
  • configurable relay SafetyValue
  • dual watchdog(system and communication)
  • Form A power relay
  • 2000 VAC isolation voltage
  • temperature operating range: -25 ~ +75°C
  • stackable, up to 16x



DI6acDQ6rly I2C-HAT