Raspberry Pi Pinout

Enviro pHAT

Coupled with a Pi Zero, Enviro pHAT is an affordable mix of sensors, ideal for monitoring server rooms, bedrooms, ballrooms or anything you might want to observe. It also includes a 4-channel ADC, for adding sensors of your own. It works with all of the 40-pin Raspberry Pi variants - 3/2/B+/A+/Zero.


  • BMP280 temperature/pressure sensor (0x77 on the i2c bus)
  • TCS3472 light and RGB colour sensor (0x29 on the i2c bus)
    (with two GPIO controlled LEDs for illumination)
  • LSM303D accelerometer/magnetometer sensor (0x1d on the i2c bus)
  • ADS1015 4-channel 5v tolerant 12-bit ADC (0x49 on the i2c bus)
    (3.3v 12-bit ADC at address 0x48 in first production run of the board)

To get the pHAT set up and ready to go you can use the one-line product installer:

curl -sS https://get.pimoroni.com/envirophat | bash

Then import it into your Python script and start tinkering:

from envirophat import light, motion, weather, analog, leds


Enviro pHAT