Raspberry Pi Pinout


HyperPixel is a high-resolution 3.5" TFT display for the Raspberry Pi. Using a high-speed DPI interface, it boosts a 60 FPS frame rate and a resolution of approximately 270 pixels per inch (800x480).

The display is capable of displaying 18-bits of colour (6 bits per colour, DPI mode 6 - RGB666), and provides capacitive multi-touch capabilities, more sensitive and responsive to touch than a resistive touch display.

HyperPixel is compatible with any 40-pin version of the Pi, including Pi Zero and Pi Zero W. Dimensions: 56.5x86x10mm (WxHxD, depth includes header and display).

To get the display set up, you can use the one-line product installer:

curl https://get.pimoroni.com/hyperpixel | bash

And follow the instructions!