Raspberry Pi Pinout

HyperPixel 4

HyperPixel 4 is a 4" TFT display for the Raspberry Pi. Using a high-speed DPI interface, it boosts a 60 FPS frame rate and a resolution of approximately 270 pixels per inch (800x480).

The display is capable of displaying 18-bits of colour (6 bits per colour, DPI mode 6 - RGB666), and provides capacitive multi-touch capabilities, more sensitive and responsive to touch than a resistive touch display.

HyperPixel 4 is compatible with any 40-pin version of the Pi, including Pi Zero and Pi Zero W.

HyperPixel 4 is larger than a standard HAT to accomodate the display and will overhang both the USB ports and over the other end of the Pi. It requires an extension header (supplied) to connect.

Because HyperPixel 4 uses every Raspberry Pi pin it's difficult to use it in conjunction with other devices, but it does break out the software I2C bus (i2c 3) which you can share with the touchscreen controller.

To get the display set up, you can use the one-line product installer:

curl https://get.pimoroni.com/hyperpixel4 | bash

And follow the instructions!