Raspberry Pi Pinout

PaPiRus Zero

The PaPiRus Zero is a versatile ePaper display for the Raspberry Pi Zero with screens ranging from 1.44" to 2.0" in size.

Unlike conventional displays, ePaper reflects light, and is capable of holding text and images indefinitely, even without electricity. The display does not require any power to keep the image and will stay 'on' without any power connection for many days before slowly fading. It's also daylight readable and is very high contrast.

  • Interchangeable screen sizes (1.44" or 2.0")
  • 32MBit Flash Memory
  • Digital temperature sensor and thermal watchdog
  • GPIO breakout solder pads
  • 5 x optional slimline switches on top

To get the pHAT set up and ready to go you can use the one-line product installer:

curl -sSL https://pisupp.ly/papiruscode | sudo bash


PaPiRus Zero