Raspberry Pi Pinout


The I-CubeX PiShield is a 5V sensor interface board that supports 8 channels of 10-bit ADC input via SPI as well as providing landings for 5V I2C devices. Level conversion to/from 5V is provided for both analog as well as digital sensors.


  • Designed for I-CubeX Sensors, but works with any 5V analog sensor via a standard 3-pin header (VCC, SIG, GND)
  • ADC performed using MCP3008 chip, and works with existing libraries and applications (including wiringPi)
  • Supports up to 8 analog sensors via 3-pin headers, and 4 digital sensors via 2x3-pin headers
  • Enough header protrusion to allow another 26 pin header to be stacked on top