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PiVoyager UPS

The PiVoyager is a UPS with a programmable watchdog, wake-up and a real-time calendar for the Raspberry-Pi.

The PiVoyager is uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for the Raspberry Pi designed to work with standard Li-Ion or LiPo batteries, featuring a programmable watchdog, automatic restart, and a real-time calendar. The PiVoyager is designed as a Pi Zero pHAT, but works on any Raspberry-Pi with a 40 pin header, including the Raspberry Pi 3B+ and 4.

When the PiVoyager is plugged to a USB power source (USB micro-B) and a Li-Ion/LiPo battery, it will both power your Raspberry Pi and charge the battery if needed, with a selectable charge current of 1000mA (default) or 500mA. If USB power is removed, the PiVoyager automatically switches to the battery and continues to power the Raspberry Pi at 5V (2.1A max), thanks to a boost converter.

The PiVoyager features a Real-Time Calendar (RTC), which can be configured to store the current date and time. The content of the RTC will be maintained for as long as there is a power source connected, even if the Raspberry Pi is powered down.

Thanks to provided software the user can fully control and monitor the PiVoyager:

  • Monitor power status and battery voltage,
  • Force the Raspberry Pi to fully shutdown after a specified delay,
  • Act as a watchdog, powering down the Raspberry Pi if it becomes inactive,
  • Power up the Raspberry Pi at a certain date/time (alarm),
  • Power up the Raspberry Pi after a certain delay following a shutdown.
  • Update the firmware through I2C thanks to a built-in bootloader.

For more details, including software download instructions, see our documentation.

The PiVoyager is open-source/open-hardware.


PiVoyager, the smart UPS pHAT