Raspberry Pi Pinout

Uputronics Pi In The Sky Board

Telemetry board designed for use on high altitude balloons. Features Ublox MAX-M8Q, Radiometrix MTX2 434MHz radio transmitter, efficient 2A buck/boost, I2C ADC and One Wire temperature sensor.


  • Back powers Raspberry Pi
  • Ublox MAX-M8Q GPS module which can give positional information up to 50km altitude
  • Spare header for external i2C devices/additional temperature sensor (DS18B20)
  • Allows use of Raspberry Pi camera for live image tranmission.
  • Stackable with other Uputronics Boards for LoRa transmission and APRS.
  • Open source code and hardware

For further information on high altitude balloon launching click here


Uputronics Pi In The Sky Board